Discount Levels

To move up to a higher level of discount, monthly spend must consistently meet the monthly minimum of the higher level for three consecutive months. Discount level changes are by request and are not automatic.

If monthly spend drops below the minimum required for the current level for 6 consecutive months you will be downgraded to the appropriate level at the start of the seventh month.

Access to higher discounts is possible immediately by pre-paying for six months minimum monthly spend at the higher level.

Mailbox Upgrades and Downgrades

It is very easy to move mailboxes between Class of Service (CoS) and this can be done at any time. If you change a mailbox from one CoS to another – the following applies:

  • If you upgrade a mailbox to a more expensive CoS, you will be charged at the new CoS rate for the entire month in which you carry out the upgrade; or
  • if you downgrade a mailbox to a less expensive CoS, you will be charged at the new rate from the start of the following month; and
  • In any case, you will not be charged anything if you change the mailbox back to the original CoS before Midnight on the same day – this means you can correct mistakes without charge
  • Example: You upgrade a mailbox from Standard to Professional in February – your next invoice (at the beginning of March) will include a charge for Professional.
  • Example: You downgrade a mailbox from Professional to Standard in March – your next invoice (at the beginning of April) will include a charge for Professional (covering March) and the invoice after that (covering April) will include the charge for Standard.