Billing and Invoicing

Invoice Frequency

We usually send only one invoice every month, at the beginning of each month. The invoice includes everything which happened in the previous month:

  • New products you (or your customers added); and
  • Any products which renewed in the month; and
  • Over usage charges such as additional mailbox storage; and
  • Any one off charges such as professional services fees or restores

Prices and Discounts

For up to date prices, please check the Administrator Portal

Invoicing Method

Invoices are automatically emailed to the Billing Contact – you can change this in the portal:

Invoice Terms

Invoices should be paid within 14 days from the date they were emailed unless otherwise agreed.

Payment by Credit Card

Emailed invoices contain a link to our online Credit Card processing facility.

Payment by Direct Debit (automated bank payments)

Customers in the UK and Europe are able to set-up automated collection of payments direct from their bank account – setting this up is very quick and can be done from the Payment Methods section of our Administrator Portal. After logging in, access the Payment Methods section by clicking the Account menu in the top right hand corner.

Once registered, payments will be automatically collected on the invoice due date.

Reporting / Reconciling Your Invoice

Invoices include a summary line for each service and product type. Detailed reporting is available from the Administrator Portal. After logging in, access the Reporting section by clicking the Account menu in the top right hand corner.

New Reseller Credit Balance

We ask all new resellers to maintain a credit balance of at least £100 for the first six months of trading with us. Our Administrator Portal freely allows you to provision products, at any time. Many of these products cost us money immediately you add them and yet we don’t invoice you until the start of the following month. We feel the benefits to you of being invoiced monthly in arrears is well worth the small deposit we ask.