How to: Add a Product

There are a number of ways you can start the process of adding a product – they all result in a product being added, the only difference is what customer is pre-selected on the first part of the Add Product wizard.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

This is one way you can add a product to your account:

1. Login to the portal.

2. On the Products Page, Click “Add Product”.

This page will list all of the products you have provisioned.

Add a Product


3.¬†Select which type of product you’d like to provision.

Add a Product


4. Select who you will be provisioning a product for: For the account you are logged into, For an existing customer or for a new customer.

Add a Product


5. Enter the domain name you wish to use for the email and click Provision.

Add a Product

This will have successfully provisioned a product. Follow the next steps to complete your account.